Be Your Best Self

Episode 36: Loving Communication with Kate Daigle

February 12, 2020

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the month of love, Jamie and Kate explore different ways in which we can give and receive love, their favorite free tool for identifying your love language, and simple ways you can date yourself and your partner. 

Meet Kate! 

Kate works as a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern at Jamie’s St. Petersburg office and specializes in holistic wellness, grief, and trauma. She is also in the process of completing 2 health coaching certifications that focus on how nutrition, supplements and herbs can support emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Kate is featured regularly on the Be Your Best Self podcast sharing her favorite tips and tricks and is also helping Jamie create resources that combine yoga, psychology, and nutrition, so stay tuned for some awesome content coming your way soon!

Resources Recommended in Episode:

  1. Jamie’s Self-Love Guide
  2. Mind-Body-Spirit Nutrition with Kate (Episode 27)
  3. Love Languages Quiz
  4. NOW essential oils

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