Be Your Best Self

Episode 39: Exploring Intuitive Eating with Kate Daigle

March 4, 2020

Join Jamie and Kate as they explore core concepts of intuitive eating and chat about their own personal experiences with learning how to tune into their nutritional needs.

Kate is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Certified Health Coach and a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern who works as a therapist at Jamie’s clinical practice, bybs+thrive Counseling. She enjoys exploring local hot spots and is a huge foodie. Her clinical experience ranges from trauma and grief to individuals struggling to manage life transitions and maintaining work-life balance. Kate also loves working with couples striving to make their relationships healthier. Learn more about her here:


Resources Recommended in Episode:

  1. Jamie’s Self-Love Guide
  2. Episode 27: Mind-Body-Spirit Nutrition with Kate Daigle
  3. Kate’s Blog Post: 3 Simple Ways to Practice Intuitive Eating
  4. Woman Code
  5. Seed Cycling


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